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Q: How often should each of the CPAP PRO® parts be replaced?
  Your CPAP PRO® was designed to provide you with years of comfort and operation, however, simple maintenance and periodic part replacement are essential to continued CPAP operation. If you have questions about how or when to replace a particular part please CONTACT US or call us at 800-538-8803 and we will be glad to assist you.

Q: Can I use Alcohol to clean my CPAP PRO®
  NO! Alcohol or strong detergents will deteriorate and/or harm the medical quality material used to manufacture your CPAP PRO®. We recommend our ActiPro cleaner to keep your unit in top working order. You can also use a mild solution of soapy water and lightly towel dry. Nothing more is needed.

Q: Is the CPAP PRO® dishwasher safe?
  We DO NOT recommend you place the unit in a dishwasher. ActiPro or mild soapy water and a clean towel are all that is needed to clean.

Q: Can I ship my broken CPAP PRO® to you for repair?
  Any repair or maintenance that may be needed on the CPAP PRO® can easily be done at home without any tools. There is no need to ever ship the unit back to us.
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