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The Breathe Easy Program Is No Longer Available.
This page is only for reference.

We will be replacing it with a new program sometime in 2016.

Q: What is the "Breathe Easy Program"?
  The Breathe Easy Program is a way for owners of CPAP PRO® to save time and money while keeping their device in excellent working condition.

We offer three (3) levels of service plans for your CPAP PRO®: Silver, Gold, and Platinum! When you sign up for one of our programs we will ship you scheduled replacement parts (dependent upon your program level) for your CPAP PRO unit every 3 months for A WHOLE YEAR while we bill your credit card a low monthly service fee. You save money AND help you keep your CPAP PRO® in perfect working condition.

Q: How often do you ship on the Breathe Easy Program"?
  Your first shipment will arrive approx 3 months after you join our program. We then make regular shipments, 4 in total, every quarter for 1 year. If you need your 1st shipment to be sooner... we can make adjustments to the shipping dates.

Q: Why should I join the Breathe Easy Program"?
  Simple! It's a fast, easy, and a very cost effective way for you to keep your CPAP PRO® in excellent working condition. You can save up to 31% over the normal purchase price of parts.
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