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Q: How long will my CPAP PRO® last?
  Your CPAP PRO® is constructed of durable medical grade materials and is very sturdy. From time to time it is normal for pieces to wear and require adjustment and replacement. With proper care, cleaning, and replacement parts it will continue to provide you with excellent service for years.

Q: How often should each of the parts be replaced?
  It depends upon the level of use of your CPAP PRO®. Parts should be replaced when they show signs of wear or you notice a loss in performance.

Q: I am not sure if a part needs replacement, can you help?
  Please contact one of our specialists at 800-538-8803 and we will gladly assist you in determining your needs.

Q: How quickly can I get my parts shipped to me?
  It takes a day or two to process your order. We ship orders via United Parcel Service Ground delivery. Your parts will arrive shortly.

Q: Do I have to replace parts on my CPAP PRO®?
  Your CPAP PRO® was designed to provide a long life of usable service, however, frequent adjustment and replacement of specific parts is necessary to keep your device in perfect working condition.

Q: Are parts covered by my private insurance?
  Insurance varies from company to company. It is best you contact your insurer and inquire about coverage for CPAP PRO® replacement parts.

Q: Can I order a whole new unit from here?
  This is just a parts site. For a complete unit, please visit our main website www.nomask.com for safe, simple, and quick online ordering.

Q: I need a Users Manual. Can you send me one?
  You may download a complete users manual by clicking HERE. The document is formatted as a PDF file.

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